TR3i : video instalation @ Faster than Sound


This is the third Test Run generative video installation in as many years, each one produced for the annual Faster than Sound festival (a part of Alderburgh festival UK). This version - TR3i - has new audio, the product of an experiment with a selection of sound-savvy collaborators. The video was divided into nine sections and each one handed to a sound artist for inspiration with no-one knowing what would come before or after their piece, resulting in the audio equivalent of a game of Consequences once the parts had all been bolted back together.

The result is interesting, check it out.

The audio artists involved are j3za, GreyPetCat, Horacio Pollard, Somadril, sYn, Konx-Om-Pax, Frizz-Ease, Wet Dreams and Kayaka

PS this is the clip which got me working with Aphex Twin

Richard loves this piece